How It Works


Choose your food

We source only the best food from small farmers in the USA and abroad. All the details about our products are listed, so you know what you are buying and where it comes from.



Choose your packaging

Choose whichever packaging option fits your lifestyle and budget. We have glass containers and paper bags to choose from. Our packaging is minimal waste so you can either return it, recycle it or compost it. 



Build Your Subscriptions 

Our Farm To Table boxes are available on a weekly or bi-weekly subscription basis. You choose.

Everything else is available for once off purchasing or added to your weekly or bi-weekly subscription.



Checkout & Delivery

We deliver pantry goods weekly and your delivery day depends on where you live. We are the milkman for your pantry. If you aren't in Kansas City, we ship pantry goods with USPS with the exception of fresh goods.

Leave our jars, insulated liner, boxes and ice packs out for collection on your delivery day and we collect them and reuse them. 


Join the Zero-Waste Movement

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