What exactly is it y'all do?

We are a Farm to Pantry delivery service working with small farmers in the USA and abroad. Pantry Goods supports small farmers, heritage and heirloom varieties of food, organic and non-gmo practices and sustainable packaging.

Our farmers use regenerative agriculture practices and sustainable farming practices, that promote the health of our soils, water, air and biodiversity. Our livestock is grass fed and our chickens and eggs are free-range. Our butcher uses humane slaughtering procedures for our meat and we source and offer heritage breed livestock and heirloom varieties of food that would otherwise be extinct if not for small farmers.

We deliver within a 35 mile radius of Kansas City weekly. We use the milkman model for distribution, which means you get your delivery once a week on a particular day, depending on which area you are in.  If you live outside of Kansas City we will mail you your goodies with USPS. ****This includes non-perishable goods only****

We are minimal waste!! We offer food in returnable packaging. Once you are done with our packaging, simply rinse, and put out for collection on your next delivery day.

When we bring you your new order, we will return any packaging that you have left for us and provide you with a store credit for the returns. This way you never pay for packaging that you would only throw away in the trash. You just rent the packaging for a period of time and when you return it to us, we return your deposit to you!

Goods have been priced according to the size of the jar, so you don’t need to do any math! The price includes your refundable deposit, which you get back once the containers have been collected.

Several goods are available in brown paper bags, should you not want to use the refundable container option.

DISCLAIMER: Our meats are packaged in Cryovac bags to ensure freshness, quality and longevity. This packaging is unfortunately not returnable or compostable.

Why plastic-free packaging?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, food containers and packaging contribute almost 23% of the material reaching landfills in the USA.

But what about recycling? Recycling plastic is allot of the time more expensive than making new plastic products. So what ends up happening is there is no market for all of the plastic that recycling centers collect. Recycling is also very confusing and allot of what ends up in a recycling plant cannot be recycled. Along with this in 2017 China banned the importation of most recyclable materials, this is where all of our plastic recycling was going.  But even if they hadn't banned most of our recyclables, it is estimated that less than 10% of plastics produced since 1950 have actually been recycled. Most of these items just end up in our landfills, and in our oceans.

Our Founder decided in 2018 to open up a store that would provide people with plastic-free food options that simultaneously supported small farms and farmers in the USA and abroad.

We hope you find what you need here, and if there is something missing, please let us know.

TIPS for shopping with us

  1. Make a note of when your order will be delivered.
  2. Remember to put out your empty jars for collection.
  3. Remember a cooler and ice packs for your perishables.
  4. Use more granola a week than average? Order two, and keep the jars revolving.
  5. Make a shopping list!
  6. Organize your pantry using glass and see through containers to allow you to check quantities with ease.

Where do we deliver to?

  • Kansas City
  • Mission
  • Prairie Village
  • Lenexa
  • Overland Park
  • Shawnee
  • Leawood
  • Independence
  • Riverside
  • Lees Summit
  • Edwardsville
  • Grandview
  • Blue Springs
  • Waldron
  • Liberty
  • Olathe
  • Bonner Springs
  • Stilwell
  • Belton
  • Missouri City
  • Raymore

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