How It Works


Find your zip code

Your zip code determines on which day we will be in your area for deliveries and collections.

If we are not in your area, signup to find out when we will be adding your zip to our service area.

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Create an account

Creating an account takes about 2 mins. Your account dashboard allows you to have control over your orders, billing and delivery address, payment methods and account details enabling you to place your order with ease and speed.

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Browse and Add

The online store has been categorized just as if you were in a store aisle! Find what you need, select the packaging option you prefer and add it to your cart. All details about the product are listed, so you know what you are buying and where it is coming from. 

All our products come in packaging that is either returnable, recyclable or biodegradable.

We source ethical food that is specifically local, organic or fair-trade.

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Now that you have an account, checkout is a breeze! Check that your details are correct and place your order. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your order, delivery date, and payment method.



Reduce, Reuse, Reorder

We will collect our empty jars, when we drop off your new order, and refund your jar deposit back to you!

Congrats! You are now an Eco-Warrior and doing your part to help save our planet!

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