Late Summer Vegetable Share

$23.00 / week for 11 weeks

Get a box of locally grown vegetables every week for 11 weeks with this incredible Farm Share from New Roots for Refugees.

Receive your box of organic seasonal vegetables delivered every Friday to your door. This Late Summer Farm Share runs from Aug 12 to Oct 22.

Over 70 vegetable varieties are grown between the early summer and late summer seasons.



New Roots for Refugees empowers families to start farm businesses growing produce according to organic standards.
For the past decade New Roots for Refugees has supported families from the refugee community in establishing their own farm businesses primarily selling through farmer’s markets, Farm Share, and wholesale to local restaurants. New Roots is a collaboration between Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas and Cultivate Kansas City.
Growing Practices
So far the literacy level of New Roots farmers has prevented us from keeping the records necessary for organic certification.  However, everything grown at the Juniper Gardens Training Farm abides by strict organic principles.  We are committed to creating a sustainable, healthy food system and never use genetically modified or treated seeds, synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, or anything else that is forbidden on certified organic farms.  Apart from annual tillage, and the use of small walk-behind tillers, New Roots farmers generally cultivate the earth relying primarily on their own physical strength rather than petroleum powered machinery.


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