Refined Canola Oil (Expeller Pressed)


Our canola oil is Organic and expeller pressed.

Non-GMO Canola oil reputation in the food manufacturing and culinary industries as a healthy and well rounded versatile oil has ensured its continuing growth and popularity. It has both a light, mild taste and is low in saturated fat making it well suited to a variety of uses such as cooking, baking, frying, sautéing, or developing dressings and marinades.

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Canola oils contains omega-3’s and a host of other healthy fatty acids such as oleic (monounsaturated) and linoleic (poly unsaturated).

What does expeller pressed mean?

An expeller works by squeezing the oil out of the seed under pressure. The aim is to remove as much oil from the seed as possible without compromising the quality of the oil. When you see this term it means you are looking at an oil produced naturally without the use of chemicals such as solvents.

Product Claims: Natural, Expeller Pressed, Trans Fat Free (not hydrogenated), Cholesterol Free, Organic, Contains Omega-3’s and fully refined (RBD), Kosher Certified.

Packaging Options

Medium Bottle (16 fl oz), Large Bottle (32 fl oz)


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